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Sunday..........10:30 AM ....Chinatown Cultural Community Center, 616 H street NW, Wash DC 20001

Tuesday.........8 PM....... Chinatown Cultural Community Center, 616 H street NW 2nd Floor, Wash DC 20001


(class is based on mental discipline- teaching children how to mentally focus and learn)

Sunday......12 noon ... Chinatown Cultural Community Center, 616 H street NW 2nd Floor, Wash DC 20001

Tuesday....7 PM... Chinatown Cultural Community Center, 616 H street NW 2nd Floor, Wash DC 20001

Everybody Should Learn Kung Fu Because:

So much of what we do on a daily basis rely solely on how well our body and mind integrate and work together. That mind- body connection is essential to the efficiency and effectiveness on how we make decisions on what to do. Whether the actions are trivial or life threatening, our ability to act or react depends on how well the mind and body works together.

Kung Fu is a system of self defense that operates on the universal principles of balance and harmony with the environment. The physical and mental training regimen balances the mind and body to work efficiently together achieving self defense through adapting and harmonizing with the surroundings.

Kung Fu is presented and taught in two general ways, traditional and commercial. Traditional Kung Fu is where achieving self defense requires one to practice and develop self control, self discipline, humility, perseverance, good work ethic and the ability to seek understanding of self and surroundings. Commercial Kung Fu is the most popular and widespread type. Commercial Kung Fu is a scaled down version based on the dramatizing of entertainment and sports, where the element of action, excitement and idolization are sold to consumers who are seeking to satisfy their emotional need for self importance.

The Wong People Kung Fu Association’s instructional program operates on a carefully balanced curriculum to constantly maintain the integrity and quality of the art. The Wong People accepts students of all backgrounds and skill levels, regardless of age or physical condition. Practicing Kung Fu will improve everyone’s system of mind and body. The benefit of Kung Fu training is useful and practical for everybody everyday because Kung Fu keeps the mind sharp, in tuned with the body and the surroundings. This allows one to be positioned to make effective daily decisions in any situation whether trivial or catastrophic.

FOR KUNG FU CLASSES CALL 202-494-3700 or rwkungfu@aol.com