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Dragon & Lion Dance

The Ancient Chinese Lion Dance Ritual 

Our group has over 50 years of experience.

The Lion Dance is an ancient ritual based on Taoist principles that are used to drive away evil spirits or bad energy (chi). This is done by manipulating or directing the flow of one's internal energy (chi) forcing the undesired energy away. The skill of mastering control of one's internal energy (chi) requires years of arduous training and study. The techniques and knowledge are passed down or inherited through a family lineage. The Lion Dance costume worn while performing this ritual is specifically designed for the purpose of driving away evil. Every component of the costume has a purpose and significance.

The musicians that play the music for the Lion ritual are also an integral component of this energy directing ritual. The ancient Chinese musical instruments are drum, gong, and cymbals. These instruments require years to master. Each musician not only generates their own energy flow but also have the ability to direct any spectators watching to do the same.

A Lion ritual is successful when all three components, the Lion, musicians, and spectators are synchronized in directing the flow of their internal energy (chi) to drive away the bad energy. When this process is successfully completed, the final result is the achievement of good luck.

Presenting a Lion Dance

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Programs are available to study the Lion Dance and the Lion Dance Music.